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Todd Sheets’ DREAMING PURPLE NEON is splatter with heart

Gore films can be exhausting. There comes a point for the average horror fan when, about halfway through a movie like Dreaming Purple Neon, the face-chopping, flesh-tearing, blood-spurting scenes onscreen begin to feel like a challenge to one’s ability to maintain. Marveling at practical effects aside, there needs to be something more than just a series of gross-outs and pushing the limits. Director Todd Sheets, in his nearly three decades of making splatter-filled micro-budgeted pictures, has that figured out. In Dreaming Purple Neon (out now from Unearthed Films), the viewer is given more than just outrageous setpieces designed to shock
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Microbudget Horror Royalty Todd Sheets and His Much Anticipated Werewolf Gorefest

If you are interested in low budget film and/or independent horror, it’s likely that the name Todd Sheets is not a new one for you. Sheets has 46 director credits and 44 writer credits on IMDb, not to mention a slew of other credits as an editor, producer, actor, etc. His 1993 Zombie Bloodbath tends to be the title most folks have heard of, but his recent releases Dreaming Purple Neon and House of Forbidden Secrets have gained quite the following. Longtime fans know that he has fought through serious health concerns over the past several years, so his heart
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