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In early 1946, the town of Texarkana, Texas, was terrorized by a series of violent assaults and murders. Young couples parked at secluded lanes were accosted by a pistol-wielding figure – the first couple survived and escaped; the second and third were brutally executed. Town stores sold out of guns and ammunition. Doors were locked at night. Hot-blooded young vigilantes would pose as parking lovers in the hopes of luring the killer in for execution. The crimes were dubbed “The Texarkana Moonlight Murders” – one of the first serial killing sprees to capture the attention of the American mass media.
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Killer Musings: A Look Back at SERIAL MOM

For many years, filmmaker John Waters spent his leisure time traveling the United States, stopping from city to city and eagerly hopping from one court date to another; not on trial, but as spectator. A self-described “crime hag,” Waters viewed criminal trials as a kind of elaborate theater. The often surreal circumstances of many of the cases, as well as the high drama of prosecution vs. defense and the curious public interest in the alleged criminals on trial, made a perfect showing of camp spectacle and bizarre farce. Waters shrewdly recognized the potential for a story and wrote Serial Mom,
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