CINEPUNX Episode 59: The Year that was 2016

IT IS THE END OF THE YEAR YALLLLLL!!! Welcome to another mind bending and morals crushing episode of Cinepunx, the internet’s number one source for strong opinions, shallowly researched, on obscure things.

On this episode we discussed some of our favorite music and movies from the past year. If you would like to submit your picks to the official CINEPUNX year end round up, check this out! Josh also discusses some recent shows he has played, and tells a story of a bike trip gone horribly wrong, not just cause he sat through ASSASIN’S CREED! I saw ROGUE ONE just like the rest of America, and has opinions on the matter. We get into it on some records we really liked. One which we both liked, though Josh played on it so that is kind of cheating, is the SOLARIZED demo

Also they have a show coming up you should check out!

As I said,  we have an official post coming that will have the end of year pics from the whole Cinepunx team. I know my list is different since we recorded this episode cause I saw MORRIS IN AMERICA and SHIN GODZILLA, both of which I freaking loved.

There are a few other links I should be adding but I can’t remember what they are. I can say we mention a lot of podcasts who support us, please search those out and support them.

On this episode, the sound is not great. We have a new sound editor who did everything he could to reduce the noise levels, but yet again when I recorded it I did something wrong so we got a lot of background fuzz. When you digitally cut stuff like that out it leaves an echo sound, and so there is some of that here. Many apologies. I really hate it when stuff like this goes wrong, but this is the sort of thing we need to make some changes and fix, and you support on our Patreon makes that possible, so thanks!


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Liam O'Donnell is co-creator and co-host of the Cinepunx podcast and Editor in Chief of the Cinepunx website. Liam has written about film, music, politics and faith for a variety of publications in real life and online. Despite his advanced age he can be seen moshing in the greater Philadelphia area, usually to a cover song. He can be seen sitting in the audience at the newest comic book film, the retro drive-in screening of a Fulci film, or catching a series of Jodorowsky films. Liam has worked in social services, events planning, arts curation, education, community organizing, faith communities, and scooping ice cream. He has worked with festivals like This Is Hardcore Fest and The Awesome Fest. Despite all these things, Cinepunx is definitely the coolest thing he has ever done.
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