CINEPUNX Episode 75: Max and Joey talk Norm Macdonald (DIRTY WORK and SCREWED)


On this year end conversation (which occurred in 2017 btw) we sat down with Joey Breeding and Max Davis to talk about some of our favorites from 2017 and to have a dive into the film work of Norm Macdonald.

You may know Joey from shows and the internet, and Max has been in some terrible bands and also wrote briefly for this very website !

Our front end on this episode is a little stacked, and not only with our PATENTED and TRADEMARKED exclusive feature, WACK AND ON TRACK!  Recently Cinepunx published a Year In Review, and since Max and Joey were both contributors to this list we took the opportunity to discuss some of their picks.

We then took a break and here I have to make a note about the music. Our opening track is the OMEGAS, a great band, and this was chosen by Joey Breeding. Our intermission music though was chosen by Max Davis, Seattle’s own cut rate Kev Hare, and it is THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES.

I hate Ska. I mean, the first SPECIALS record is great but otherwise I hate it.

After that painful musical interlude we discuss DIRTY WORK,  film I have great nostalgia for, perhaps too much as we discuss, and SCREWED, a film I am willing to bet no one who listens to this podcast even knows.



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Liam O'Donnell is co-creator and co-host of the Cinepunx podcast and Editor in Chief of the Cinepunx website. Liam has written about film, music, politics and faith for a variety of publications in real life and online. Despite his advanced age he can be seen moshing in the greater Philadelphia area, usually to a cover song. He can be seen sitting in the audience at the newest comic book film, the retro drive-in screening of a Fulci film, or catching a series of Jodorowsky films. Liam has worked in social services, events planning, arts curation, education, community organizing, faith communities, and scooping ice cream. He has worked with festivals like This Is Hardcore Fest and The Awesome Fest. Despite all these things, Cinepunx is definitely the coolest thing he has ever done.
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